LOCOMOTION participated in the EU Green Week with a dedicated session entitled “Net zero emissions ≠ zero pollution: Inconvenient (pollution) truths about the green energy supply chain!”. The webinar took place on 2 June 2021 and was moderated by Katherina Wiese from the European Environment Bureau (EEB).

Iñigo Capellán (UVa) spoke about the paradox of how renewable energy requires the intensive use of non-renewable materials. During the presentation he different scenarios of mineral requirements for the green transition were shared. This scenarios were simulated by David Alvarez (UVa) using MEDEAS model which is the starting point of WILIAM. After this first presentation, Marga Mediavilla (UVa) spoke about the unsustainability of a largescale global transition to electric vehicles. She shared alternative scenarios for a sustainable transition. The third presentation was developed by Dirk-Jan Van de Ven (BC3). He talked about the relevance of solar energy in the development of decarbonization pathways and the land requirements of solar energy installations and how to avoid impacts due to this solar installations increase. Finally, Diego Marín (EEB) spoke about ‘green mining’ and explored the environmental and social ramifications of intensified mining in the context of the green transition, In addition, policies for a zero emissions future were presented.

As in the previous webinars, the session was recorded and is publicly available on LOCOMOTION YouTube channel (Click here to watch the presentation). In addition, you can download the presentation.