Project objectives

LOCOMOTION aims to increase the robustness, transparency, accessibility, usability and reliability of the MEDEAS set of IAMs by:

Expanding the geographical coverage and detail by creating a new multi-regional world model with 8 global regions and integrating the 28 EU countries.

Improving the state-of-the-art of IAMs by increasing the detail and precision of the modules in which the MEDEAS set of IAMs is structured and, adding new modules.

Integrating relevant functionalities from other models and comparing modelling results. Potential integration of some specific functions of the most renowned IAMs and models and benchmarking of results.

Improving scenario assessment by integrating demand management policies.

Developing a modelling framework that better represents uncertainty.

Improving the usability of the IAMs through the development of graphical user interfaces and a simulation game.

Ensuring the effective exploitation of the IAMs. Promoting the dissemination of project results and communication about the project aimed at three target groups, namely policymakers, concerned citizens and experts in relevant related fields.

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