Ecological and Forestry Applications Research Centre (CREAF)

CREAF is a public consortium established by the Catalan Government, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), University of Barcelona (UB) and Institute of Catalan Studies.
Employs about 100 people and conducts basic and applied research. Main objectives of CREAF are: 1) to conduct basic research on the structure, function and dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems; 2) to develop conceptual and methodological tools for improving management of both natural and rural environments; and 3) to disseminate the project’s research results by means of training, consulting, and information. CREAF expertise includes field site maintenance and experimentation, plant biomass and production measurements, powerful GIS technologies, leaf gas exchange, stable isotopes, soil water chemistry, remote sensing, fire ecology, modelling ecosystem processes, paleoecology, conservation ecology, and land use policy. Some EU projects in which CREAF group has participated are LTEEF, LTEEF II, CARBOINVENT, SILVISTRAT, ATEAM, ALARM, CCTAME,
CLIMSAVE. CREAF capacities will be mainly used in the data collection, treatment and management (WP2), the climate change effects (WP6), the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities, and user engagement (WP10-11).

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