International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES)

The International Centre for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (SDEWES) specializes in a variety of services it offers to its corporate partners under the name SMART3 (Sponsorship, Marketing, Advertising, Recruiting, Teaching & Training & Tutoring). SDEWES areas of expertise are research (sustainable energy development, planning and modelling, environmental protection, bioenergy, energy conversion technologies, renewable energy and waste-to-energy systems, waste management and climate change), project management, education, dissemination, organization of workshops, summer schools, seminars and conferences.

SDEWES Centre is organised in two sections: SDEWES-Skopje and the Serbian section. SDEWES-Skopje gathers professionals and scientists from broad range of disciplines in order to provide scientific support for wise policy-making in the following topics: Sustainable development (planning, crosscutting, metrics and indices, potentials, models, costs and benefits); Green economy and better governance; Climate Change (GHG emissions inventories and projections, mitigation, reduction targets); Low Emission Development Strategies; Energy (planning, policies, targets). These topics are addressed through carefully planned and well-balanced portfolio of activities, including: Modelling and integrated assessments in order to provide solid base for well-informed and needs-reflective policy-making; Capacity building/trainings and organization of conferences and workshops in order to afford skilful analysts and modellers and knowledgeable politicians; and Support to stakeholders’ engagement and social marketing in order to facilitate participatory approach in decision-making and behavioural changes. Serbian section of SDEWES Centre (Foundation SDEWES) has been founded on February 23th 2018. in Belgrade and has been registered with the goals to contribute the global sustainable development with modelling, planning and implementation of energy transition in Republic of Serbia and other South-Eastern European countries (SEE) with focus on smart energy infrastructure.

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