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all-day Pre-COP 26 Summit
Pre-COP 26 Summit
Sep 30 – Oct 2 all-day
Pre-COP 26 Summit
The Pre-COP 26 Summit will take place ahead of the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) to the UNFCCC, which is taking place from 1-12 November 2021. Issues: Stakeholder Participation, Climate[...]


We work on designing a new set of IAMs (Integrated Assessment Models) to become a low-carbon society

Europe and the world stand at a turning point. The global climate is heating up. Species are dying out at an unprecedented rate, leading to massive biodiversity loss. Ecosystems are collapsing. Many of the world’s finite resources are being overexploited.

At the centre of this worldwide crisis stands humanity.

Citizens are demanding change, while civil society and policymakers are seeking sustainable alternatives for a low-carbon, net zero-emissions future.
LOCOMOTION is helping in this endeavour by developing sophisticated models to assess the socioeconomic and environmental impact of different policy options in order to help society make informed decisions about the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future.




latest project updates

Net zero emissions ≠ zero pollution: Inconvenient (pollution) truths about the green energy supply chain!

LOCOMOTION participated in the EU Green Week with a dedicated session entitled "Net zero emissions ≠ zero pollution: Inconvenient (pollution) truths about the green energy supply chain!". The webinar took place on 2 June 2021 and was moderated by Katherina Wiese from...

LOCOMOTION will be part of the EU Green Week 2021

LOCOMOTION will be part of the EU Green Week 2021 on the 2nd of June at 10:00 AM CET. Under the title "Net zero emissions ≠ zero pollution: Inconvenient (pollution) truths about the green energy supply chain", the LOCOMOTION researchers will present the most relevant...

Overcoming the hidden environmental costs of solar energy

Our efforts to harness the sun’s energy to power our future may require up to 5% of the territories of some countries, a new LOCOMOTION simulation finds. This could have significant direct and indirect environmental side effects, including habitat loss and...

Carbon removal: Complementing or clouding climate action?

The EU’s excessive focus on carbon removal could harm efforts to combat global warming. Our primary focus must be on emissions reductionsCoralie Boulard examines the scientific evidence and explores the best path forward. With additional reporting by Khaled Diab....

Third Locominar focuses on the power to model sustainable futures in your hands

The third Locominar wich took place on 16 February 2021 dealt with the power of WILIAM to model a sustainable future. The online webinar was organized by the European Environment Bureau (EEB) and led by Khaled Diab (EEB). The event counted with the collaboration of...

How Europe can grow without growing

In a landmark document recognising the destructive power of constant economic growth, the European Environment Agency (EEA) echoes the demands of campaigners and scientists: the urgent need to favour well-being over wealth. The EEA briefing argued that our quest for...

Second Locominar focuses on how to tackle uncertainties in uncertain times

The second Locominar, which took place on 25 November 2020, dealt with the uncertainties in multi-disciplinary modelling. The online webinar was presented by Dr. Amandine Pastor from FC.ID (Association for the Investigation and Development of Sciences). More than 25...

First Locominar looks beyond green growth

The first LOCOMOTION webinar (Locominar), which took place on 6 November 2020, explored ‘Feasible alternatives to green growth’. Attended by over 30 researchers, the event was presented by our colleague Simone D’Alessandro from the University of Pisa (UNIPI). The...

A focus group on social and demographic factors

Last week, LOCOMOTION project held a focus group meeting to identify the social and demographic factors affecting a low-carbon future for LOCOMOTION's models to achieve a sustainable society. The role of migrations was also discussed including its social interlinkages...

The unsustainability of the electric car

Shifting to electric vehicles while maintaining current travelling habits will not deliver emissions reductions required by European Green Deal and Paris Agreement.By Margarita Mediavilla and Khaled Diab The European Green Deal sets ambitious targets for decarbonising...


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