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all-day 5th South East European Conferen... @ In-person
5th South East European Conferen... @ In-person
May 22 – May 26 all-day
5th South East European Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environmental Systems @ In-person
Scope The main challenge for South East Europe (SEE) economies is to commit to, and sustain the implementation of, long-term reforms aimed at increasing competitiveness and promoting sustainable, inclusive and balanced development, as well as[...]


We work on designing a new set of IAMs (Integrated Assessment Models) to become a low-carbon society

Europe and the world stand at a turning point. The global climate is heating up. Species are dying out at an unprecedented rate, leading to massive biodiversity loss. Ecosystems are collapsing. Many of the world’s finite resources are being overexploited.

At the centre of this worldwide crisis stands humanity.

Citizens are demanding change, while civil society and policymakers are seeking sustainable alternatives for a low-carbon, net zero-emissions future.
LOCOMOTION is helping in this endeavour by developing sophisticated models to assess the socioeconomic and environmental impact of different policy options in order to help society make informed decisions about the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future.




latest project updates

LOCOMOTION Modelling workshop

The 29-31th of March, the University of Valladolid (UVa) welcomed the LOCOMOTION consortium in Valladolid for an in person modelling workshop. It was a great opportunity to progress on the modelling activities and to share knowledge, developments, opinions and...

LOCOMOTION in the science for climate action document

LOCOMOTION project is part of the "Science for climate action: EU research contribution to IPCC working group III on mitigation" document joint other EU funded projects. This document tries to reflect the effort of the European Union financing projects to understand...

LOCOMINAR: Rethinking work within the European Green Deal

On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, LOCOMOTION hosted a LOCOMINAR in an effort to rethink employment and meaningful activities to move towards an economy that stays well below 1,5 degrees. This interactive event fostered dialogue among scientists, policymakers, and civil...

LOCOMOTION is part of the Data for Change Campaign

An article on LOCOMOTION was published as part of the Data for Change Campaign, presenting the project’s three useful and versatile tools. The Data for Change initiative is a campaign coordinated by the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the Twenty-First...

Internal LOCOMINAR: European Commission’s Fit for 55 package

On March 9, 2022, LOCOMOTION hosted an internal LOCOMINAR on the Fit for 55 Package, which was specifically targeted at LOCOMOTION's academics, researchers, and modellers. The goal of LOCOMOTION is to model the impact of different policy options, including the...

Open-source modelling for the energy transition and climate change

The LOCOMOTION project has been featured in an article published on Energypost.eu entitled "Open-source modelling for the energy transition and climate change". As part of the section dedicated to Improving open source modelling tools, the article presents the work...

Rethinking work within the European Green Deal

Discuss with us how the transition in the domain of work is being reflected and taken up within the European Green Deal. About this event Science is clear. Overconsumption and overproduction cause a climate and environmental crisis that is threatening the survival of...

LOCOMINAR: Material requirements for the green transition

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, LOCOMOTION hosted its first LOCOMINAR of the year in an effort to help society make informed decisions about the transition to a more sustainable future. This interactive event fostered dialogue among scientists, policymakers, civil...

New LOCOMINAR on the Material Requirements for the Green Transition

This new webinar is part of a series of public LOCOMINARS. The aim of this interactive event is to bring together experts from different stakeholder groups and discuss the key issues related to material requirements for the green transition. The transition towards a...

LOCOMOTION in the poster session of EMP-E 2021 Conference

LOCOMOTION participated in the poster session of the annual EMP-E 2021 Conference: Re-Energising Sustainable Transitions in Europe, Energy System Modelling, Methods & Results to support the European Green Deal. The event was held online between 26-28 October 2021...


project consortium


University of Valladolid (Coordinator)


University of Pisa


Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems


Austrian Energy Agency


Basque Centre for Climate Change


Centre of Economic Scenario Analysis and Research


University of Iceland


Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Foundation


United Nations University/Institute for Environment and Human Security


Association for the Investigation and Development of Sciences


European Environmental Bureau


Ecological and Forestry Applications Research Centre


CARTIF Technology Centre

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