Model explorer

The Model Explorer is a simple and user-friendly web-based application to explore and run the models without the need to be a modelling expert. The application is primarily targeted at civil society, with the aim of empowering society to actively participate in an evidence-based public debate on pathways towards a carbon-neutral society. It allows users to explore the complex links between energy production and consumption, climate change, land use, economy and other social dimensions. This will help raise awareness of the impact of behaviour patterns on the systems we rely on and vice-versa. As such, the application can also be used in pedagogical work, e.g. in schools, or by youth groups and civil society organisations.

In contrast to the Model Analyst, which gives the user a large degree of freedom to parameterise the models and obtain customised model results, the Model Explorer will be implemented with limited functionality but high attention to ease of use and easy comprehension.

To ensure the application’s user-friendliness and practical relevance, we strive to co-design the application’s interface together with its targeted user groups. Stakeholder involvement is further assured in the development of scenarios and prioritisation of policies that will be modelled. Useful guidance on the use of the application will be provided.

Model explorer

Targeted at: Civil society and educators.

Available from: A first version of the web-based application will be available on this website in 2023.

Format: Web application.

Support: User manual will be available for download from this website.

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