Project Stakeholder Board

The LOCOMOTION project aims to develop open-source tools intended to guide and evaluate different policies and strategies, as well as to raise awareness and boost the exploitation of its technical results. LOCOMOTION’s Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), which combine such themes as the energy transition, sustainability and climate change, will provide tools of interest to three different groups of stakeholders: experts, policymakers and civil society.

In view of the above, a Project Stakeholder Board (PSB) will be established as an advisory body consisting of a well-balance mix of representatives of civil society, policymakers and other (private sector) stakeholders to ensure that project results meet the needs of wider society. In particular, the PSB will be a body of different potential users of the project main outputs: the Model Analyser, the Model Explorer, the Global Sustainability Crossroads II Game, and the Project Database.

During the course of the project, members of the PSB will be invited to virtual and physical meetings and focus groups that are relevant to them. They will also receive updates on the project results and outcomes.

Members of the PSB will:


Give input into and feedback on LOCOMOTION’s various models and tools.

Receive early warning of potential outcomes of the project.

Contribute their thoughts and expertise, enriching the project with their perspective.

Review and help raise the visibility of major project outcomes.

Define policy issues and civil society interests that feed into the planning of future next project actions, thereby helping ensure that project results and outcomes address the concerns of stakeholders.

Get the opportunity to meet and network with others who share common interests, enabling them to develop new insights.

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