Project Stakeholder Board

The LOCOMOTION project aims to develop open-source tools intended to guide and evaluate different policies and strategies, as well as to raise awareness and boost the exploitation of its technical results. LOCOMOTION, covers themes such as the energy transition, sustainability and climate change and  based on these, provides tools of interest to different groups of stakeholders such as experts, policymakers, private stakeholders and civil society.

In view of the above, a Project Stakeholder Board (PSB)  was established as an advisory body consisting of a mix of representatives of  the different stakeholders groups to ensure that project results meet the needs of wider society

Members of the PSB will:


Receive early access to LOCOMOTION research, models and tools, and receive the opportunity to provide feedback.

Contribute to defining the priorities of the project and the planning of its next steps.

Receive regular project news through a variety of channels such as newsletters, social media platforms, and event invitations.

Get the opportunity to meet and network with others who share common interests. Participation in physical PSB meetings will be remunerated.

Participation is fully voluntary and  flexible depending on your availabilities. If you are interested in being part of the LOCOMOTION PSB, please contact us at:

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