Model analyser

The Model Analyser is software with an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows users to exploit the models without the need for programming skills. The software is primarily targeted at policymakers and policy advisors as a decision-support tool for designing decarbonisation policies. They can use the software for scenario-planning in order to assess the environmental, social and economic costs and benefits associated with different decarbonisation pathways.
Moreover, the Model Analyser is also potentially useful for scientists who want to quickly explore the models, their functionalities and included variables. It can also be used as a higher education teaching aid.

The software will provide users with a large degree of freedom to parameterise the models and obtain customised model results, e.g. by changing or selecting parameter values or selecting or defining different scenario assumptions and policies. Nonetheless, compared to the full models, the software will have a limited number of parameters that can be changed in order to reduce the complexity of the models to a useful level.

To ensure the software’s user-friendliness and practical relevance, we strive to co-design the software’s interface together with its targeted user groups. Stakeholder involvement is further assured in the development of scenarios and prioritisation of policies that will be modelled. Useful non-technical documentation for the use of the software will be provided.

*The Model Analyzer version is in beta phase

Model analyser

Targeted at: Policymakers and policy advisors.

Available from: A first version of the desk software is available for download from this website.

Format: Executable installation file (based on WILIAM version 1.1).

License: MIT open source license.

Support: Non-technical documentation for the tool are available on Deliverable 11.1.

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