Scientific Advisory Board

The LOCOMOTION project Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of a panel of external experts who are not partners of the project but are deemed to be key players in the future exploitation of ideas and take-up of results. This SAB has consultative functions and shall assist and facilitate decisions on the scientific direction of the project. Members of this body will be consulted to evaluate the specifications and achievements, and to give guidance for future work in the project, providing external advice with a view to validating LOCOMOTION’s results and maximising its impact.
SAB members:


Help shape the direction in which LOCOMOTION will be further developed.


Acquire the knowledge to be able to exploit the (results of the) model in your own work.

Expand and internationalise their professional network.


Receive exclusive invitations to working meetings, training sessions and conferences organised by the project.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Scientific Advisory Board, please contact us at: