The open-access database with web interface developed in LOCOMOTION will have three functionalities:

  • Disclose the data and metadata, including original sources, data processing, reliability, uncertainty, etc., that have been used as exogenous input to the models.
  • Publish the results of projections of the most relevant variables in the models from the period 2020/2025 to 2050, 2060 or 2100. Each projection will be well documented, disclosing the scenario assumptions under which it has been simulated. It is also planned to include a graphic representation of the simulation results.
  • Provide details on each of the scenarios used, both in terms of numerical assumptions and in the form of narratives, and the input used for each scenario.

The purpose of the database is to:

  1. Enhance the transparency of the model and replicability of model results by disclosing all the data sources used.
  2. Contribute to the dissemination of project results by offering the raw data of future projections of the main output variables of the model for each simulated scenario.

The actual data and parameters that are necessary inputs to the model will be disseminated as part of the models.
The database targets a wide group of potential users, ranging from scientists and modelling experts to policymakers and policy advisors.

Using the buttons, you can access the Data Dictionary or the WILIAM model results Database


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Targeted at: Scientists, modelling experts, policymakers and policy advisors.

Available from: A first version of the database is available on this website.

Format: Database with web interface to query and download data as .csv file.

License: MIT open source license.

Support: Technical documentation will be available for download from this website.

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