Confronting Green Growth & Degrowth Narratives with Models

In this video-podcast, our colleague Iñigo Capellán Pérez from UVa explores the challenges the narratives of Green Growth and Degrowth narratives in the context of modelling to achieve a more sustainable future. Topics such as sustainability, the environmental and economic impact of different approaches, and how models can be used to analyze and understand these narratives. The conversation...

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LOCOMOTION: modelling for just and net-zero Europe

A next-generation integrated assessment model is being developed to help reimagine our pathways towards a just and carbon-neutral Europe by 2050. Designed to bring together new narratives, Margueritte Culot and Andreas Budiman sat down for a META podcast full of insight about the new model.   Despite the promises by states, cities, and companies on fighting the climate crisis, we are...

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Towards climate policies for people

From migration to overpopulation, one model has the potential to shed some light on a path that could be helpful for innovative, future-proof policies. Robert Oakes, the Senior Researcher at the Institute for Environment and Human Security, at the United Nations University, is our guest on the META podcast. He talked to us about the model’s focus on people as a central element. Marie-Amélie...

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Could sustainability models ignite a revolution in policymaking?

Andreas Budiman and Marie-Amelie Brun report. Today, we are trying to learn to live on a planet altered by environmental and social crises. Models like WILIAM are created to help us find our way through, resembling how the world operates across space and time. In theory, such models can help us make better choices or prepare better for what comes next. The reality is more puzzling. Can we trust...

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