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crossroads II

Global Sustainability Crossroads II is a participatory simulation game which, based on the global model, and by means of a simple interactive interface allows players to explore, in an entertaining manner, different future environmental, social and economic scenarios and gain a better grasp of the complexity of human-environment interactions.

The game is typically played in small teams. It creates a virtual scenario where the participants are tasked with designing climate mitigation strategies. Players will also decide on the future development of a number of drivers of emissions from human activities, which are critical “crossroads” on the path towards sustainability. Based on the team’s input, the model visualises the social, economic, and environmental consequences of the defined scenario.

The purpose of the game is to stimulate discussions on topics crucial to global sustainability, such as the relationship between economic growth and sustainability, the role of technology, how human desires are limited by the biophysical constraints of our planet, and the possibility that human actions may trigger climate and environmental tipping points.
When used as a pedagogical tool, the game requires the active facilitation of trainers, i.e. experienced facilitators who have been trained in using the model and who also possess the necessary pedagogical skills to introduce the game and moderate the group dynamics process. The game is primarily aimed at young people. However, it is flexible enough to be adapted to a diversity of contexts and participants.

Global sustainability crossroads II

Targeted at: Civil society and educators.

Available from: A first version of the game is available on this website.

Format: Web and mobile application.

License: MIT open source license.

Support: Guidance for trainers are available on Deliverable 11.1.

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