Date: 27/05/2022.
Publication type: Research article.
Author(s): Alexandros Adam, Stavroula Papagianni, Alexandros Rigopoulos, Iñigo Capellán-Pérez, Carlos de Castro.
Keywords: Energy & materials, Sustainable development, Uncertainty.

Short description:

Estimating the energy potential from wind is important to be able to identify the expected energy contribution from wind energy and accurately design energy policies. Theoretical potential is the physical upper limit of the energy from a certain source without restrictions.In this sense, topographic and local constraints reduce it to the geographical potential. The technical potential takes into account technology characteristics and losses during conversion to
electricity and the economic potential is the economically viable potential based on economic constraints. In the developed approach, the term techno-sustainable is the potential that takes into account sustainability, ecological and socio-economic aspects
The implemented method is based in Dupont et al. 2018.