The first LOCOMOTION webinar (Locominar), which took place on 6 November 2020, explored ‘Feasible alternatives to green growth’. Attended by over 30 researchers, the event was presented by our colleague Simone D’Alessandro from the University of Pisa (UNIPI).

The seminar presented the main findings of a paper by the same name published in Nature Sustainability. The results of the dynamic macrosimulation model that investigates the long-term effects under three different scenarios (green growth, policies for social equity, and degrowth) were explained and discussed. Although the model is actually only available for Italy and France, some of its main measures and policies will be adapted for and integrated into LOCOMOTION’s WILIAM integrated assessment model.

In each analysed scenario, clear differences were found in relation to the reduction in emissions considering the economic impacts of each scenario. As a conclusion, Simone explained how new radical social policies can combine social prosperity and low-carbon emissions, being economically and politically feasible.

After the presentation, participants took the time to discuss and resolve issues related to the results of the presented model. The session was recorded and is publicly available on YouTube (Click here to watch the presentation). In addition, you can download the presentation in the following button.