Date: 3/12/2020.

Publication type: Research article.

Author(s): Daniel Pulido Sánchez, Iñigo Capellán-Pérez, Ignacio de Blas Sanz

Keywords: Climate, Sustainable development, Energy and materials.

Short description:

The global increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the depletion of good quality oil reserves are two of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. The research developed in this poster uses the MEDEAS-World system dynamics model in order to know the viability of the electrified transport technologies and the use of minerals that they entail or if their world reserves could be prematurely depleted. The results show that alternatives must be sought, since electric mobility technology currently uses a large amount of minerals. To conclude, a change in mobility without changing our habits and customs would not serve to reduce our problems with the environment and our planet, but rather to aggravate them.