On March 9, 2022, LOCOMOTION hosted an internal LOCOMINAR on the Fit for 55 Package, which was specifically targeted at LOCOMOTION’s academics, researchers, and modellers. The goal of LOCOMOTION is to model the impact of different policy options, including the European Green Deal, on society in order to support policymakers and citizens to make more informed decisions about the transition to a low-carbon future. So understanding the European Commission’s legislative proposals, including the Fit for 55 package, is critical to allow modellers to create a robust modelling system that can assist policymakers and civil society.

The European Commission has proposed a number of legislative changes to its policies in order to meet the updated 2030 greenhouse gas emissions net reduction target of 55% below 1990 levels. The Fit for 55 legislative proposals, which are part of the European Green Deal, cover a wide range of policy areas, including climate, energy, transportation, and taxation, and outline how the Commission will meet its 2030 target in actual practice.

The event began with a general introduction to the package. After that, the following components were presented:

The European Environment Bureau (EEB) organized the event, which was led by Barbara Mariani (EEB). The event included the participation of other EEB policy officers who explained various components of the Fit for 55 package.

Finally, there was time for questions, during which participants asked clarifying questions about the package in order to better integrate the content of the policies into the model.