Join our Special Session at the 14th Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE 2022) in Pisa to learn more about the work carried out within the LOCOMOTION project, including how IAM could represent human development indicators, income inequality, health and wellbeing better.

About this session

Because the sustainability crisis is multifaceted, efforts to consistently incorporate as many relevant dimensions as possible are critical for effective policy advice. Despite continuous development of IAMs, there are some key pervasive limitations, such as: an often oversimplified representation of economic processes, assumptions of technical renewable potentials without considering limits related to sustainable, net energy, or accessibility constraints, the neglect of implications of future energy investments required to achieve the transition to renewables for the entire system, and the absence of the material dimension and key sustainability indicators.

This session will describe the work done in LOCOMOTION, whose main goal is to create a new IAM with a detailed representation of economic processes that are consistent with their biophysical counterparts in terms of land, water, climate, energy, and materials. This project expands on the MEDEAS model developed in a previous H2020 project. Because of the extensions, improvements, and emphasis on planetary and other boundaries, it was dubbed the “Within the Limits Model” (WILIAM).

Included in this session are the following presentations: 

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