LOCOMOTION project was part of the European Commission report CLIMATE ACTION IN THE POST-COVID-19 WORLD: Insights from EU-funded projects on how to build forward better, developed by the European Commission in collaboration with EU-funded projects.

LOCOMOTION contribution “LOCOMOTION: Towards a sustainable, green post-COVID-19 recovery” focus on the efforts of the project to model the energy transition and the associated uncertainties. As a conclusion to the implementation of the model, authors show that: “The fact that the roads to a just and sustainable energy transition remain tainted with uncertainties underscores the importance of implementing sound energy and economic policies. The major challenge lies in identifying a set of virtuous combinations of supply-side (efficiency and structural change) and demand-side (energy reduction and expansive fiscal policy) measures”. The contributions to this report were developed by key authors from the University of Valladolid (UVa)

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