Date: 4/12/2020.

Publication type: Research article.

Author(s): Amandine Valerie Pastor, Tiago Capela Lourenço, Noelia Ferreras-Alonso, Ivan Ramos-Diez, Stavroula Papagianni, Alexandros Adam, Roger Samsó, Santi Sabaté, Jordi Solé Ollé, Robert Oakes, Tiziano Distefano, Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, Margarita Mediavilla, Gonzalo Parrado, Nathalie Wergles, Luis Javier Miguel

Keywords: Integrated assessment models, Environment, Land use and water.

Short description:

This poster presents the preliminary version of the WILIAM environmental module considering the different modelling approaches and assumptions that will be developed. The environmental module will include a land use module (covering supply, demand, land allocation and greenhouse gas emissions), a water module, and a module to assess the impacts of climate change. The FAOSTAT data are the starting point for modelling taking into account the interrelationships between the components of the water-energy-food nexus.